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Personal Lines

HomeYour home is your single most Important Financial Investment, and with this investment comes coverage options. Our policies can be tailored to meet each individual's needs to protect against unforeseeable events such as fire, windstorm, theft, water damage, smoke, and Liability Lawsuits stemming from an injury to third party. Guaranteed Replacement Cost Coverage on the Dwelling is the single most important coverage you can buy. Full Replacement on Contents- Have settlement on your Personal possessions without any deduction for depreciation. Programs also include Renters, Condominiums, & Cooperative Apartment Policies.

Personal Automobile.
CarHave you reviewed your current Bodyly Injury/Property Damage Limits? What deductible do you carry for physical damage on your vehicle? Do you have Rental Reimbursement Coverage? These are a few of the questions we will examine during Personal Automobile review with our agency. Other important coverages include Personal Injury Protection (No-Fault),Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists, Medical Payments, & Towing. Policies are designed to meet customer's needs, including optionable coverages such as Agreed Value (No Depreciation at time of loss), Unlimited Loss of Use, & Roadside Assistance. Depending on carrier, customers may select Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEM) parts in lieu of After Market Parts, and a wide choice of repair-shops.

Valuable Collections.
RingWe offer policies for Jewelry, Fine Arts, Silver, Furs, and other types of high-valued property. A typical Homeowner's Policy will give only limited coverage for these items, and a customer should know the pitfalls of not insuring their valuable possessions. Mysterious disappearance, theft, lost or damage of these items would automatically be covered with NO DEDUCTIBLE should a policy be selected.

Catastrophic Umbrella.
GavelNo-one expects to be faced with a lawsuit, but it can happen very easily in today's litigious environment, and your assets should not be placed at risk. Excess Umbrella limits are available to cover these unforeseen events. Additional Coverage includes Unlimited Defense Costs, Personal Injury Coverage (libel/slander/wrongful imprisonment/false arrest, etc), Excess Uninsured Motorists, & Non-Profit work as a director or officer.

BoatTypical Boat Owners forget that policies are available to cover their hard earned possessions. Physical Damage including Trailers/Personal Effects and Watercraft Liability can be customized to meet your needs whether you own a small boat or a high-valued Yacht.

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